Murder Party

Classic or team: what should you choose for your event?

Be Detectives offers two types of murder parties: the classic ones, where each participant plays a specific character, and the team-based ones, where participants are divided into more or less suspect teams.

Classic Murder Parties

Participants less than 10 (max. 13)
Concept Everyone plays their own character (individual charges)
Flexibility The number of participants must be known in advance
Occasions Birthday parties in small groups, EVG/EVJF, parties with close friends/gamers, small teambuildings
Classic Murder Party

Team Murder Party

Participants More than 10
(minimum 8)
Concept Everyone is split in teams (collective accusations)
Flexibility The number of participants may vary
Occasions Teambuildings, big birthdays, family parties
Team Murder Party

Stages of a murder party


Our game master, played by a Belgian actor, explains all the details of the game and puts you in the mood.


An element comes to plunge you into the adventure. In a classic murder party, it is the discovery of the body but it can also be the reception of a message or the arrival of a new person.


This part of the game consists of discovering information that can help solve the enigma or find the culprit. In addition to the information available to each player, clues will have been scattered, in all forms, in the room or rooms where the game is played. You will have to find them or get them from the other participants.


Each time a clue is found, the participants debate the potential guilt of certain players. Everyone defends themselves as best they can. Once all the clues have been found, the debate continues to find the culprit.


A vote, taken to determine who is the culprit, and the game master's argument as to whether or not the participants have solved the investigation concludes the game.


  • What is a murder party ?

    It is a game where every guest is playing a character based on a character sheet. An event, generally but not necessarily a murder forces participants to cooperate, in their characters, to find a solution, generally by guessing who is the killer.

  • What do I need to play?

    Not much ! A quiet place where every participant can fit in and a BeDetectives’ script – with character or team sheets - and you are all set.

  • How do I play?

    Your main objective will be to find the murderer (unless of course your character sheet describes you as guilty of course!)…but also to avoid being falsely accused. You have two ways to achieve this: find as many clues to incriminate others and solve the crime and defend yourself convincingly when you are yourself accused.

  • Do I need theater experience?

    Absolutely not. Anyone can participate to a murder party – just be yourself and go with the flow.

  • How much will I need to prepare?

    Not much. You will simply have to read your character sheet. Our game master will take care of the rest.

  • Can I organise this over lunch/dinner?

    Yes. We also work with a caterer, Les Saveurs d’Emeline, if you wish to leave us the organisation of this part of your evening.