The Incredible Sleuths' Club

Team Murder Party

person6 to 80 people

euro_symbolfrom €25 p.p. (depending on group size and travelling costs, reductions possible for large groups and retail offers)


timerAround 2hours

You’ve been cordially invited to the annual Sleuth’s Club Convention by its beloved director, Ruby Stevens.

Surrounded by the world’s most famous detectives, you wouldn’t dare thinking crime would occur… or would you?

Our detective said

Our best-selling game, and the only one where you get to play Sherlock or Marlowe themselves. A great occasion to discover the murder party world, and your friends or co-workers!

The scenario also exists as:

Wizards night

The Wizardry School

Will you find out who bewitched the school’s headmistress?

Indian Night

The Jodhpur Club

There is trouble in the famous club’s waters. Is the Maharaja friend or foe to the British?


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