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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the types of murders and games

In the Murder Party, the suspects are the participants; in the giant investigation, the suspects are our actors/actresses.

Generally speaking, a murder party is a game played in a group, where participants try to find a culprit among themselves by exchanging information. So, above all, it’s a great discussion.

A Detective  or Murder Mystery, on the other hand, is an experience in which participants interrogate actors to find a culprit while searching a location. In the collective imagination, a Detective Mystery is also known as a Detective Party or a Giant Clue game…or even as a Murder Party. 

A Detective Mystery is available in absolutely every format. We’ve divided these into 3 main types:

In the “Giant Investigation” format, participants can start and finish the game whenever they like, by receiving an information sheet. From there, they can go and question the actors or search for clues in the space allocated to the game. This format is particularly suitable if you want a high degree of flexibility. It can also be combined with other activities – for example, the game can be organized at the start of a private evening, a fancy fair or a large public event.

The “Interactive Games” format is similar to the Investigation format, but must start and finish at a specific time. In this format, participants also interview the actors at will and search the venue for clues. This format typically requires a location for an introductory and final scene. It can take place during a meal (dinner party) or, in specific cases, in a theater (interactive show). The “Murder Mystery” games organized by Fever (and produced by BeDetectives in Brussels) are sophisticated versions of this format.

Finally, the “Follow the Guide” format differs from the previous two in that participants follow a defined path from one actor to the next – with the last actor providing the resolution. These games are particularly well-suited to showcasing a location or for very large groups. Over the course of a day, it is possible with this format for over 1000 people to take part in the event, a much higher number format than for Interactive games.

This is less a mandatory obligation than a question of price. Any investigation requires a minimum number of suspects to be interesting. At BeDetectives, we’ve set this limit at 4 suspects. A Detective Mystery therefore requires the presence of 4 actors, which means that small groups or, in most cases private organisers, may find it financially unaffordable.

Absolutely not!

Even if you’re playing a classic murder party, the character you play can be very close to your own personality. So you can remain yourselves, while adopting certain characteristics. As the game progresses, you’ll naturally get into the mood of the game and, at the same time, into the skin of your character.

What’s more, in our team murder games, you don’t play a particular character.

Yes – but don’t be afraid to plan ahead, especially for events in English.

Our order book is often full, and a scenario can take up to three months to create.

However, it’s always possible to make small modifications to our scenarios to make them more specific to your business.

Questions linked to the organisation

An event needs nothing more than a private room (or secluded space) where you won’t be disturbed. The room simply has to be able to accommodate enough participants.

Please note: in the case of murder parties for more than 30 people, it may be necessary to have several rooms to divide up the participants.

Nothing! A quiet, undisturbed location will suffice, and our actor/playmaster will bring all the elements of the game. Each guest receives a description of his/her character, his/her possible motive (in the case of murder) and his/her relationship with the other characters.

The number of participants must be fixed one week in advance, so that we can plan an adequate number of actors for your event.

Nevertheless, all our scenarios are flexible: the absence of one or two participants at the last minute won’t affect the game!

Yes – this is possible. To ensure that everyone can take part in the game, we typically recommend holding the game a little before your meal, or organizing it as a buffet.

Absolutely – we regularly organize bachelor parties where surprise is an important element of the organization.

Nevertheless, we advise you to give as much advance notice as possible. A murder party is still an absorbing game, which is best appreciated when you’re prepared for it.

Questions linked to payments

Payment is by electronic transfer on the basis of an invoice we will prepare for you.

No deposit is required. 

Of course – we prepare an invoice for all our events and are used to deal with large corporations when it comes to invoice requests.

There are no travel expenses for events  in Brussels.

For events outside Brussels, travel expenses are calculated on the basis of the number of round-trip kilometers from Brussels X €0.42. Exceptions may be made in special cases, for example when game masters are located closer to your event than from Brussels.

Other questions ?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone for any help in your preparation.